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    Blue-beige natural mammoth bark scales

    Article 0005582
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    • Length (m) 115 mm
    • Width (m) 40 mm
    • Height (m) 5 mm
    • Weight (m) 170 g

    This is a pre-cut pair of natural woolly mammoth bark scales (Mammuthus primigenius). These scales are in an immaculate condition. Consistent width and thickness with reserves on both ends. The undersides are flat. The colour of the bark is a beautiful blue-beige.

    Geological epoch: Pleistocene.

    Age: Over 10,000 years.

    Origin: Sakha Republic (Yakutia).

    These blue-beige mammoth bark scales are not stabilised and/or filled with resin. Please take note that none of our mammoth ivory is artificially stabilised and/or restored unless explicitly stated.